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A chat-based community for minor-attracted persons (MAPs) to give and receive peer support.

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About OMC

Whether you're a young MAP who's just learning about your sexuality or an experienced MAP-rights advocate, we're glad to have you in our community! We provide a safe, supportive environment for MAPs and allies by prioritising privacy, staff transparency, and democracy.

We are inclusive of MAPs who hold a variety of beliefs on sensitive topics and may need a place to discuss or receive support. We understand that it's not our place to judge you for your thoughts.

OMC members with the MAP or Non-MAP role also have the option to make a blog on MAP Blogs (Onion), a blogging site maintained by OMC.

OMC's Blog: (Onion)

What is a 'MAP'?

MAPs are persons who are attracted to minors younger than 15 years old who are significantly younger than themselves. The term MAP is an umbrella term that includes nepiophiles (primarily attracted to ages 0-4), paedophiles (primarily attracted to ages 3-11), and hebephiles (primarily attracted to ages 10-14).

Community Guidelines

  1. Members must have at least 15 years of chronological age.
  2. Members agree that OMC and its staff are not liable for any form of inconvenience or injury sustained from participating in OMC.
  3. Members agree to be bound by any guidelines subsequently created by the community.
  4. Members may give and receive peer support in a safe, inclusive environment. However, support may not include encouraging unlawful sexual activity with minors or encouraging the use of unlawful sexual imagery of real minors.
  5. Members may view, critique, and suggest revisions to the Community Policy.
  6. Members with the MAP role may participate in the Democratic Process.
  7. Members with the MAP or Non-MAP role may view and contribute to staff conversations with exception for those containing private information about members or private information about the server.
  8. Members may hold and express a variety of viewpoints, including those that are unpopular.
  9. Members may discuss topics in channels that are appropriate for those topics; off-topic discussion may be redirected.
  10. Members may not use OMC to engage in activity that violates Swedish law.
  11. Members may not disclose commission of unadjudicated crimes related to sexual activity with minors, abuse or maltreatment of minors or adults, or sexual imagery of real minors.
  12. Members may not disclose private information about anyone without their written permission. Private information includes identifying information and information about their personal life.
  13. Members may not engage in combative, harassing, abusive, hateful/hostile, or trolling behaviour against members of the community or which violates Swedish law. This includes agitation against ethnic groups, incitements of terrorism, and unlawful depictions of violence.
  14. Members may not send, link to, advertise, request, or offer nude or sexually explicit content anywhere in the server (including DMs)— including 1) adult pornography, 2) child pornography, 3) nude or nonude commercial modelling produced for sexual gratification, 4) fictional pornography, 5) non-pornographic images from sets of pornographic images, 6) written erotica, and 7) topless imagery of persons or characters of any age or gender—except when the content is portrayed in a legal, academic context and is being shared for educational purposes in OMC.
  15. Members may not give medical advice to other members. Any advice given in OMC is layperson’s advice. Always consult a medical professional for medical advice.
  16. Members may not directly quote or share screenshots of messages posted in OMC to elsewhere outside of OMC without permission from every member featured or mentioned in the quote or screenshot.

Full Community Policy: (Onion).

Interested in Joining?

To join OMC, go to (Onion) and create an account.

When a new account is created, the new member is added to the channels Announcements, Policy, and The Courtyard. New members should read through Policy. In The Courtyard, members will be required to answer 8 questions:

  1. Do you have at least 15 years of chronological age?
  2. Are you a MAP?
  3. Do you agree to the OMC Community Policy? ( (Onion))
  4. (optional) Are you a member of another MAP community that OMC staff can verify your identity on? If so, what community, and what is your username?
  5. What is one thing that members may do in OMC according to the Community Guidelines?
  6. What does Community Guideline 14 say? Violating this Community Guideline can result in your account being deactivated.
  7. Which Community Guideline prohibits admissions of unadjudicated crimes related to sex with minors, abuse or maltreatment, and illegal images of real minors?
  8. What is one otherthing that members may not do in OMC according to the Community Guidelines?

If needed, people may contact OMC staff by email (preferably Protonmail or Tutanota) at or by Session at 05e0e14900f3092d8b893d6aa58973f5bbdf3ee59b30e3184d4ba829180bfc2f2b. (We do not guarantee the security of these services from third parties).

Chat login: (Onion)


Non-MAPs who wish to join the community may do so by the same process as MAPs. However, Non-MAPs are not given the MAP role, they are instead given the Non-MAP role. Users with the Non-MAP role have restricted access to channels. For a user to be given this role, they must not identify as a MAP and must have a demonstrated history of behavior consistent with being an ally.


OMC relies on anonymous donations to operate. If you would like to help keep the community operational, please consider donating. Donations are accepted by Monero and Etherium. Members who donate may claim a Donator role. If a member donates an entire month's hosting fees or more, they may claim a Donator role that they choose the name of.

OMC's Monero address: 862rWgo6e8UH8haKevP1Tx11d5grzxsmsYJw3XF5SBzZhiGWekXJnyACJDCVCr7BfZcye9cpvbmzgHqE59BkLf1u3JgkKM7

OMC's Etherium address: 0x18ba269577af99449c323e8efd350ec40e807502

You can read more about donations in the Community Policy: (Onion).